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Here Comes the Bright Light   Over There Jean-Pierre

Black & Blue

Teri's 2004 self titled debut CD is out now! A fearlessly intimate & arresting album. The largely solo acoustic performance brings you into the personal journey of this songwriter. Her soulful voice brings immediate emotional impact to every song delivered. Teri starts with country/gospel vocal a capella piece "Faith" then draws you inside the forgiving "Accidents Will Happen". She concludes the CD with super lushious beats driven remix of love song "Eternally, Perpetually". The hybrid of sounds has drawn comparisons to many iconic vocalists from Nina Simone & Bjork to Norah Jones & Ani Difranco to Edith Piaf & Bebel Gilberto. This album features production and a remix by Jamie Lemoine of electronica group Westside Chemical, Stephen Smith on bass for 5 tracks and Rich McCulley on dobro for "The Wedding of Heidi & Jason" - a song written for childhood friend and Portland punk rock vocal legend Heidi Hellbender. Oh, and did we mention she plays tasty viola & guitar as well? Listen for yourself! Listen / Buy the album at CD Baby

The Lush Life Players: Siren Song 2001
The Lush Life Players, featuring vocalist/violist Teri Untalan, is a San Francisco-based ensemble that deliver a mix of the noir and the modern with interpretations of some of the finer jazz standards and torch songs. LLP's sound fervently captivates and beguiles with exceptional elegance. Listen / Buy the album at CD Baby

Other Credits
Twenty Haiku
Viola track under one of 20 Haiku, composed and read by PC Munoz 2005, Beevine Records, recommended by the Wall Street Journal!

7 Years of APAture
Kearny Street Workshop's compilation celebrating it's annual Asian Pacific American Arts festival,includes Teri's song "Accidents Will Happen", 2005

Rich McCulley
"Far From My Angel", 2005; Teri contributed backing vocals on 3 tracks, featuring some rockin wailing on "Stumblin to Start" as well as viola on "Happy Birthday Baby"

"400 Miles", 2005, Teri sang backups on 4 of the 5 tracks of Duff's EP including the title track.

David Hopkins
"Here Comes the Bright Light", 2001; "Over There Jean-Pierre", 1999
Viola on several tracks of both CDs.

Cuatro Caminos
"El Bong de Titaneo", 2001, Stump Records
Background vocals on a couple of tracks and leads on "Golden Butterfly"

Westside Chemical
"Black & Blue", 2000, Stray Records, background vocals and spoken word snippets

"Colma", 1998, CyberOctave Records, viola on 2 tracks

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