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*KBOO 90.7fm Portland OR interview on Asian Compass!

*IN THE MOVIES!: I'm proud to let you know that one of my songs from the 2004 self titled Cd has made the silver screen! It's a featured song (I cannot divulge what song!) at the end of the movie, The Bicyclists.

*On the MOG BLOG!

" Her voice is velvety and dark, with warm tones drawing in the audience to active listening. At times, she verges on a soft Joan Baez with her gentle guitar accompanying her journey; at others, an Eartha Kitt in strength and sultriness. Untalan has wonderful vocal riffs in the higher registers and plays both guitar and viola with skill and passion... "
- Melophobe.com: by Ellen Lodine

Teri was featured on San Francisco KRON Channel 4's TV Magazine "Pacific Fusion", Sunday, March 6th 2005 hosted by former Miss Universe Brook Lee. The show also featured an interview with kick butt movie star Jet Li. Double Snap!!

IN REVIEW - " Following in the footsteps of successes like Fiona Apple and Norah Jones, Teri Untalan is the singer, songwriter, and violist to possibly make the next big jump to notariety.... There is definitely an emotional and intense quality in Untalan's voice and songs that takes the listener on the journey with her."
— **** Nelson, AArising.com

"...beautiful, wonderful (songs)... songstress extraordinaire... a special talent!"
— Donald Lacy, KPOO Radio, 89.5FM San Francisco

"her voice is possessed of an aching and textured intensity; she seems to embrace and revel in each note, as in the haunting and velvety 'accidents will happen'... when the lyric resolves and releases at the line 'I forgive you', it feels like the musical embodiment of mercy... her listeners are sure to be thankful... for this remarkable debut "
— KSW News, www.kearnystreet.org Download PDF Full Review

"Teri's hypnotic vocal stylings blended so nicely with the music I was in a trance.... (a) special talent."
— Donald Lacy, KPOO Radio, 89.5 FM San Francisco

"...her magnificent voice completely at her imaginative control … combines crystalline clarity with formidable … evocative power, providing sensual surprises with every note … and if that's not enough, she also plays a very mean viola."
— Tom Kelly, The San Francisco Bay Times

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